Wabamun School

Our School

Wabamun School is in the heart of a family community, and there is a strong bond between the school and the community it serves. That sense of family is reflected in the learning environment, where students feel at home. The small school environment provides opportunities to build relationships with each student, ensuring that their needs are met and that they feel safe and cared for.

Student success is measured by both academic and social growth. The school's motto is "Always Positive, Always Learning” and students are encouraged to actively pursue new learning opportunities, whether it is through critical thinking challenges, developing technology skills, special interest projects, or relationship building. Because the school is so closely connected to its community, students are encouraged to contribute to the community through a variety school-based leadership initiatives.

Unique Features of Our School

  • Strong Early Literacy programming (including early years Balanced Literacy and Early Literacy Initiative Program).
  • Student Leadership Program for Grades 5-9.
  • Collaborative West-End Middle Years Options Program (information processing, wood working and food studies).
  • Active school, parent and community partnerships with the Village of Wabamun, Servus Credit Union, Wabamun LEAPS, Public Library, Lions Club, TransAlta, Seniors and Ag. Society as well as others.
  • Positive Playgrounds Program building citizenship through positive physical activity and play.
  • Beyond the Hurt Program empowering youth leadership.
  • Close proximity to and frequent use of Wabamun Skating Rink, Lake Wabamun Provincial Park, Wabamun Museum and Wabamun Bowling Alley to support curricular outcomes.
  • Technology in every classroom including interactive white boards, projectors and document cameras.
  • Monthly Student Celebration Assemblies recognizing citizenship and social responsibility.
  • Educational fieldtrips and cultural events.
  • Athletic and collaborative opportunities with other west-end schools.
  • Positive working partnerships with Seba Beach Protective Services and RCMP liaison.
  • Dare Program building awareness of the negative effects of drugs and alcohol.

Student Success

Students at Wabamun School demonstrate success when:

  • They are actively and positively engaged in their learning.
  • They demonstrate both academic and social growth.
  • They model the traits of citizenship and social responsibility.
  • They are critical thinkers and problem solvers.

What Makes Us Proud

  • Our willingness to work together to face challenges as a school and community team.
  • Our Building Bridges Team, which brings staff, parents and community members together to implement programs such as the Beyond the Hurt Program and the Positive Playgrounds Program.
  • Our collaboration with other west-end schools, providing cultural events, professional development and the WEST Options Program.

What Makes Wabamun a Great School

  • All students at Wabamun School experience success and demonstrate growth.
  • Parents, students and staff express satisfaction with the overall quality of the school.
  • Wabamun School has formed strong partnerships with community organizations that regularly support the school such as:
    • The Village of Wabamun
    • Wabamun Seniors Centre
    • Wabamun Library
    • Seba Beach Protective Services
    • Wabamun LEAPS
    • Wabamun Servus Credit Union
    • Wabamun Fire Services
    • Wabamun Lions
    • TransAlta
    • Wabamun Pharmacy
    • MuRay’s Market (Bigway)
    • The Fortunate Loonie
    • And other community businesses and entrepreneurs who support the school’s initiatives.
  • There is a strong positive relationship among staff at Wabamun School, who work together for the best interests of our students.

Wabamun School, along with the support of our parent and community partners, has accomplished many successes this year. When looking at the Provincial Accountability Pillar, there have been many improvements, such as:

  • Safe and Caring – improved by 15.6%
  • Program of Studies improved by 7.4%
  • Education Quality improved by 5.7%
  • Citizenship improved by 19.6%
  • School improvement improved by 4.8%